Art Surge: Artists against War

flyerArt Surge: Artists Against War is a show of antiwar prints, paintings, and photos. It will run from July 27 to August 9 at Common Wealth Gallery, located in the Madison Enterprise Center at 100 S. Baldwin. Among the artists participating are Steve Chappell, Lester Dore, Mike Duffy, Patrick JB Flynn, Eric Hagstrom, John Hitchcock, Sam Johnson, Mike Konopacki, Jackson Tiffany, and Andrea Samarrai-Zietko. An opening reception, with music by Son Mudanza and tamales by Mercado Marimar, was held from 7 to 9 pm on Sunday, July 27. It was a great party, too bad if you missed it--great music and food and interactive wall art. You can see some photos on Nick Kokoshi's Facebook page. Email me to get on the list for the next show we do.

The artists

Lester Dore has been making political art since he started working on the Chicago Seed, an antiwar newspaper, in 1967. He was curator of ¬°Oaxaca Resiste! , a recent show of political art from Oaxaca.

Steve Chappell is a Madison printmaker primarily known for his charming prints of everyday scenes and the laid back atmosphere of Puerta Vallarta. He's stepped over to the dark side for this show.

Mike Duffy is sole proprietor of Duffco, a studio producing editorial illustration and web site design. His constructions and stencils display a wicked sharp sense of irony.

Patrick JB Flynn, art director of The Progressive for 18 years, earned a well-deserved reputation as a champion of editorial freedom for illustrators, employing an incredible roster of both well-known and emerging political artists. He has curated "Another Voice", a traveling show of some of their work.

Eric Hagstrom, printmaker, sculptor, and puppeteer, is a gentle man whose work often deals with terrifying subjects, such as the human assault on the natural world and the genocide of Native Americans.

John Hitchcock is an Associate Professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison where he teaches relief, screenprinting, and installation art. His current works depict personal, social, and political views that are a blend of printmaking, digital imaging, video, and installation.

Mike Konopacki is a labor cartoonist whose work appears in the Capital Times and other publications. He recently illustrated and co-authored Howard Zinn's new graphic history "A People's History of American Empire."

Colm McCarthy is a Madison artist whose work appears in many forms: photography, emulsion prints, the printed page, and the stage.

Russell Gardner, Madison mixed media artist, teamed with poet Robin Chapman, as the first bombs dropped in Iraq to originate the Epidemic Peace Imagery project that showed 43 works on June1, 2003. On continuous exhibit since then, it has occupied a wide variety of venues with 659 participants on July 17, 2008. He coordinates it still, and assists many peace imagers to realize verbal, visual and combined versions.

Jackson Tiffany is a longtime peace activist, teacher of non-violent communication, and photographer. His last show was a retrospective of his eight decades as a photographer.

Sam Johnson is one of the founders of Madison's Firecracker Studios. His silkscreened posters are avidly sought by connoisseurs of gig posters.

Andrea Samarrai-Zietko is a painter who has studied art in Madison and Minnesota and has lived in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. She is half-Iraqi and has family members still living in Baghdad.

Contact: Lester Doré, show organizer, at 608 238-8473; email