Butterscotch Monkey Bread Recipe (Bubble Bread)

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This butterscotch monkey bread recipe is hands down delicious! Perfect for a make ahead breakfast or brunch, this bubble bread is easy to make and more than addictive!

butterscotch monkey bread on platter

Weekends are made for lazy breakfasts and brunches, and this butterscotch monkey bread is sure to be the star of the show! It looks so impressive and each bite is wonderfully sticky and sweet!

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Why you will love this monkey bread!

  • Make ahead: This recipe is made the night before, so in the morning, you just have to put it in the oven and serve.
  • Fun: The butterscotch sauce cooks with the monkey bread, so when you lift the top, the sauce melts down all over it. There’s no extra sauce or garnishing needed.
  • Perfect for a crowd: This recipe serves 8 people, so it’s perfect if you have overnight guests.
overhead image of butterscotch monkey bread on plate
butterscotch bubble bread with pecans on plate

How to make butterscotch monkey bread

Be sure to scroll down for the full recipe!

  • Grease a bundt pan.
  • Melt the butter, pudding mix, sugar, cinnamon and salt and whisk together.
  • Sprinkle pecans into the pan.
  • Place half of the frozen rolls on top of the pecans.
  • Sprinkle the rest of the pecans on top, followed by half of the pudding mix, the rest of the rolls and then top with the rest of the pudding mix.
  • Cover the pan and let sit overnight.
  • Bake until cooked through and let cool.
  • Turn the bread out and serve.
butterscotch monkey bread on platter
butterscotch bubble bread with pecans on plate

How long does bubble bread last?

If you do have leftovers, the bread will keep well two to three days. Place it in an air tight container and keep t at room temperature out of direct sunlight.

Can you freeze it?

Baked monkey bread can be frozen. Let it cool to room temperature and wrap it in foil and place in a freezer bag. Keep the bread in the bundt pan. It will keep well for up to 3 months. Thaw it in the fridge overnight and warm it through it the oven to serve.

Does it have to be baked in a bundt pan?

Monkey bread is traditional baked in a bundt tin so that it forms a doughnut shape and it’s easy to pull apart. If you are in a pinch, you can use a large, high sided loaf tin.

three slices of butterscotch monkey bread on plate
up close image of butterscotch bubble bread pieces

Recipe Notes and Tips

  • This recipe will take at least 5 hours to thaw the dough (or 8-10 hours overnight)
  • If using a 9-inch Bundt pan, reduce the number of rolls to 19 and keep the remaining ingredients the same.
  • The bread is cooked when it reaches an internal temperature of 200°F-205°F or an inserted toothpick comes out clean. It will be puffy and crisp on the top.
inside of monkey bread with butterscotch and pecans

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Introduction to Monkey Knife Fight Contests

For those who haven’t heard, 4for4 is partnering up with Monkey Knife Fight this season. I’ll be leading the charge with the content and writing a weekly article breaking down my favorite plays.

Before Week 1 kicks off, it’s important to understand the game itself. It sounds basic but it’s vital to understand scoring and game selection prior to playing.

What is Monkey Knife Fight?

MKF is a gaming platform with great alternatives to daily fantasy and is a perfect segue into sports betting. There are multiple different contests that reflect a variety of preferences. The biggest draw of MKF is that you are playing against the house and not other players. Instead of punting money away against professional DFS players maxing every tournament you can focus on beating the house (Monkey Knife Fight).

There’s no point of re-writing their descriptions, so here are their three major contest styles:

  • Stat Shootout – You will be choosing your team of players from the list that will accumulate the most of the stat type you have chosen to play, such as Touchdowns or fantasy points. Then choose a target goal for that stat and watch the players score live. If your team exceeds your chosen goal, you win the prize shown prior to entry.
  • Rapid Fire – You will be selecting your team by choosing the highest-scoring player in multiple head-to-head matchups in statistical categories. They will need to beat the unchosen players in their head-to-head matchups. If a player gets additional points added to their score in a matchup, they will be shown in green (ex: +14.5). Choose the coinciding posted number of matchups correctly to win the prize shown prior to entry.
  • More/Less – You will be drafting your team by choosing More or Less for a group of player statistics presented. You will be squaring off with your own predictions. Choose the coinciding number of tiers correctly to win the prize shown prior to entry.

If you are having a tough time conceptualizing how this works, you can sign up now and check it out for the NBA. I will update this article prior to Week 1 once some NFL props are posted.

Fantasy Scoring

  • Pass TD: 4
  • Pass Yard: .04
  • Interception: -1
  • Rush Yard: 0.1
  • Rush TD: 6
  • Reception: 1
  • Rec Yard: 0.1
  • Rec TD: 6
  • Return TD: 6
  • 2 pt Conv: 2
  • Fumble Lost: -2

Basic Strategy

Having this many contest styles provides a good variety of options for people looking to attack props in a number of different ways. If you are just getting into betting, utilizing fantasy points in the “stat shootout” may be a great way to get started. MKF utilizes PPR scoring so most of you should already be familiar. If you are an avid sports bettor, taking advantage of bad lines in “more or less” contests with specific stats is probably a good approach.

Another strategy that’s useful in these types of contests is correlation. If you can take a QB and WR from the same team to both go over or under a prop you are maximizing your chances. This is especially true with long-shot prop parlays where you will need up to eight different props to hit in order to cash. You need every leg of your bet to cash in order to win so optimizing your potential is crucial.

As we approach Week 1, I’ll go more in-depth in my favorite plays at Monkey Knife Fight and how we can make some money.

Prepare for the season and sign up here!


Introducing Blood Monkey Irish Gin

Dublin-based Outcast Brands is launching its inaugural product, Blood Monkey Irish Craft Gin.

Blood Monkey has expanded on the traditional gin recipe, which originated The Netherlands in the 17th century.

Orignally named genever or jenever, the recipe was acquired by Irish and English sailors and brought back to key maritime centres of the time, such as London and Portsmouth, where the recipe was adapted with the use of nowadays-recognised ingredients and botanicals such as juniper, rosemary and citrus peel to make the drink more palatable. It is from this recipe that the ubiqutous London Dry Gin style was born.

The name Blood Monkey comes from a derogatory naval term for a seafarer or merchant who used to drill into the officers’ barrel of grog to steal the liquor inside – hence the brand’s icon being a brass drill bit.

This new Irish gin looks set to go against the grain of recent Irish gin launches, by bringing a new taste profile to the growing gin category, with a versatile liquid that drinks like a white whiskey. Blood Monkey has been designed as a sipping gin – one of only a few gins that can be drunk neat as well as in a traditional gin and tonic or cocktail.

Blood Monkey is wholly Irish owned and distilled by West Cork Distiller’s Master Distiller, Deirdre Bohane in Skibbereen. Bohane said: “It is a sophisticated spirit with a complex character that reveals various details as it evolves on the palate. It hits you with a smooth, warm citrus spice followed with a slight hint of floral entwined with smoky, caramel flavours of whiskey.”

The brainchild of Dublin-based entrepreneur Jason Kidd, Blood Monkey is an attempt to stand out from the botanical gins which have hit the market.

Kidd’s view on the gin category is an unconventional one. “The craft gin category has become tired and saturated with too many brands peddling the same old thing. With Blood Monkey we are calling time on the category conversions and are proud to produce a gin that tastes how it was meant to, in a style that hasn’t been distilled in Ireland or the UK for almost 350 years.”


New York Zoo Apologises For Imprisoning African Man In Monkey House

The Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), an organisation in charge of Bronx Zoo located in New York has apologised for improsoning and putting on display an African man, Ota Brnga in its monkey house.

For one week in 1906, the Bronx Zoo in New York kept a man from Central Africa in an enclosure in its monkey house.

There, he stayed trapped in an iron cage with an orangutan while hundreds of people watched. Now, 114 years later, the organization that runs the zoo has rendered an apology.

The Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) issued a statement on Wednesday formally apologizing for the imprisonment and display of Ota Benga at the Bronx Zoo.

“We deeply regret that many people and generations have been hurt by these actions or by our failure previously to publicly condemn and denounce them,” WCS President and CEO Cristián Samper wrote.

“We recognize that overt and systemic racism persists, and our institution must play a greater role to confront it.”

Benga, who was from the Mbuti people of present-day Democratic Republic of Congo, was put on display at the zoo’s Monkey House for several days during the week of September 8th, 1906, according to the statement. He was released after local Black ministers expressed their outrage and demanded his freedom.

While imprisoned at the Zoo, Benga underwent inhumane conditions, according to Pamela Newkirk, the author of “Spectacle: The Astonishing Life of Ota Benga.” Newkirk, who also wrote a CNN opinion article about Benga’s imprisonment, said he often faced hundreds of people at a time while trapped inside an iron cage with an orangutan.

He would only have short periods of time outside. After a week, Benga started to resist and threaten attendants, which contributed to his release, Newkirk wrote in her op-ed.

When he was finally freed, Reverend James Gordon took him in at an orphanage he ran in Weeksville, Brooklyn, according to WCS. Benga, who was “unable to return home,” died by suicide ten years later, the WCS said.

The organization also denounced “the eugenics-based, pseudoscientific racism, writings, and philosophies” that were advanced by two of its founders, Madison Grant and Henry Fairfield Osborn, Sr.

Grant’s book, “The Passing of the Great Race,” was used as a defense during the Nuremberg trials. Grant and Osborn also helped found the American Eugenics Society in 1926, according to the statement.

As part of its mission to be more transparent, WCS is making all records and archives related to Benga publicly available. The organization said it is committed to developing additional projects to make their history “accessible and transparent.”

The organization also noted that they are hiring a diversity officer to work with leadership to ensure their current organization is working towards their diversity, equity, and inclusion plan implemented in 2019.

“Today I challenge myself and my colleagues to do better,” Samper wrote, “and to never look away whenever and wherever injustice occurs.”


TV Quickfire: Chai Hansen and Josh Thomson from The New Legends of Monkey


Josh: Running for their lives! We do a lot of running.

Chai: They put the camera up on this huge wire, which was like a 100m long – a cable cam. It looked like we were running like a 100 miles hour. It was amazing.

Josh: Chai was at the front; he was setting the pace, so we had to keep up with Chai. And we did take after take…


Chai: Oh yeah! After I finish a season of The New Legends Of Monkey, I have my six-pack back and everything – and two months after, it’s gone.

Josh: There’s heaps of action in the second series – there’s a lot more action than in the first series. But, without going into it, Pigsy gets incapacitated, so I didn’t have to do as much running.


Chai: The costumes. I love getting into costume. It just makes me feel like an actual superhero.

Josh: You’ve got a very hero-y vibe – I’m basically wearing a blanket. When I was young, and I would watch TV, there was a lot of fun action stuff that I could watch with my family, and I think being part of something like that is something really rewarding because I’ve got friends that watch it with their kids and they get a kick out of it.

And knowing the messages that are in it, friendship, strong female characters, and it’s got an incredibly diverse cast, it’s a good buzz.


Chai: I haven’t, no. I’ve been a little bit lazy.

Actually, because of the pandemic, I thought this was the perfect opportunity to give my body a rest because being actors you’re constantly having to be at the top of your game, be in peak physical condition and whatnot.

So, I was like, perfect break for me to just not do any workouts, just relax and watch movies.

Josh: I wish I could, but you go into different roles; I’m in another series playing a funeral director now. And I’ve got two babies, so it’s just hard trying to do stuff.


Chai: Yeah, actually; quite a lot in Europe. I was doing a couple of conventions there for some of the other shows I do and a lot of the people that come up to me they just rave about Monkey.

I had a 12/13-year-old kid come up to me and recite the Sutra (an ancient religious text or scripture). I still don’t get it right! And I looked it up on Google and I was like, “That was word for word – you’re amazing”.


Chai: I’m half-Chinese, half-Australian, and throughout my entire career, I constantly get just mainly Asian roles.

There’s a lot of people out there who are ‘half’ like me, and to see people messaging me saying, ‘You’re an idol because I’m just like you’, it does make you feel so much better to just be able to represent a community like that.

:: Series two of The New Legends Of Monkey launches on Netflix on Friday August 7.


Animal Control Still Uncertain If Tewksbury Monkey Is A Hoax

a close up of a monkey: The first reports of a loose monkey in Tewksbury were in May. © Shutterstock The first reports of a loose monkey in Tewksbury were in May.

TEWKSBURY, MA — Animal control officers are still investigating the reported loose monkey in Tewksbury, according to Billerica Animal Control officer Christine Gualtieri.

Billerica Animal Control serves both Tewksbury and Billerica.

The monkey was first reported in May, in the Michael Street area. Police and animal control officers looked for the monkey but found no signs of it.

“Since May we’ve had a few alleged sightings from different people who’s descriptions of the animal are very similar,” Gualtieri said.

The most recent reported sighting was Friday evening, but Gualtieri and other officers were again unable to find the monkey.

“At this point we are still uncertain if there is a monkey or if it is a hoax,” she concluded.

In May, Tewksbury police said any resident who sees the monkey should not approach it and call the police.

Christopher Huffaker can be reached at 412-265-8353 or


Viral Video of Monkey Unboxing Gift and Reading Instructions Manual Leaves Twitter In Splits

Curious George, the monkey | Image credit: Twitter

Curious George, the monkey | Image credit: Twitter

A critic of the video said, that ‘monkeys do not make good pets. They do not belong in homes, chained up, and wearing diapers’. Others, however, found the video cute.

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Who does not like gifts? A video of a monkey unboxing its gift is perhaps one of the cutest videos that you will see on the internet today.

In the clip shared by basketball player Rex Chapman, one can see a monkey, opening the box, pulling out the thermos and removing its plastic. During the course of the video, the monkey also carefully studies the instruction manual. Fascinated by the gift, it unscrews and screws the cap of the gift. Further in the video, the monkey is seen casually playing with the blue coloured flask. There are a couple of moments in the video in which it is peeping inside the thermos.

Till now, the video has been viewed over one million times. Captioning the video, he wrote, “George got a new thermos. Reads the instructions and all…”.

The viral video has unsurprisingly got netizens laughing and commenting.

Some have raised their concerns regarding monkeys being kept at homes.

A critic of the video wrote, “Not to be a killjoy, but monkeys do not make good pets. They do not belong in homes, chained up, and wearing diapers. In order to be more “tractable”, they are pulled from their mothers at birth to be raised by humans. I look forward to your posts, but this one is a no”.

Yet another user wrote, “While this is cute and all, monkeys and wild animals do not belong owned in homes. They deserve to be in the wild”.


Spider Monkey intercepted at Juárez Airport

JUAREZ, Mex. (KTSM) — The Mexican National Guard intercepted a very unique package at the Juárez International Airport Friday.

According to the Guard, a live spider monkey was found inside a box with respiration holes. The monkey was shipped from Villahermosa, Tabasco, to Juárez through the Juárez International Airport.

The monkey was secured and transferred to an animal shelter in Juárez. Officials say this particular species of spider monkey is in danger of extinction.

There is now an ongoing investigation to determine who shipped the monkey and who it was shipped to.


Curious monkey ‘reads’ instructions to use new thermos, hilarious video goes viral – WATCH

Viral monkey video

A video of a monkey examining a new thermos and then ‘reading’ the instructions in the user manual has gone viral.  | &nbspPhoto Credit:&nbspTwitter

All of us get excited when we receive a gift. A monkey had a similar reaction when he received a thermos as a gift. The video has gone viral across social media platforms.

In the 40-second clip, a monkey named George can be seen unboxing a water bottle with a lot of excitement. He appears to grin at the camera while taking the water bottle out.

He then goes on to open the bottle and examines it thoroughly. That too twice! Once he checks the bottle, he begins to ‘read’ the user manual.

Watch the video here:

The video was shared on Twitter by American basketball player Rex Chapman with the caption, “George got a new thermos. Reads the instructions and all…”

Marcel Ross

The viral video has garnered more than 1 million views and over 30,600 likes on the microblogging platform. While many netizens were delighted with George’s cheeky grin, others were impressed with how he checked the user manual twice.

One user said, “I’m not a fan of him being a pet but, dammit, that smile when he opens the box.” Another wrote, “This is the most adorable thing I’ve seen all week!”

Someone commented, “Reading the instructions again to see why it’s empty.” Yet another added, “Love it. Checks instructions, think it says snacks inside. Looks inside, no snacks. Closes it up but better double check for snacks. Back to the instructions I SWEAR it said snacks inside.”

Last year, a monkey was caught on camera as it browsed through the phone of a zookeeper in China to do some online shopping after she left the phone in her office. 



Delighted Monkey ‘reads Instructions’ On User Manual After Receiving Gift; Watch Video

A video of a monkey unwrapping his gift has gone viral on social media and has left the netizens in splits. Uploaded on Twitter by American basketball player Rex Chapman, the video has garnered 1M views. The video shows a monkey getting a new gift while he excitedly unwraps it.

George and his thermos 

The 40 second video begins when the monkey gets a gift box and he unwraps it hurriedly. As soon as he realises that it is a thermos bottle, he looks up in the camera with a huge smile on his face. He is also seen removing the plastic bag off his thermos and he opens his bottle and examines it with all his attention. Later, he can also be seen fiddling with the instructions manual book. The video has a very apt caption that reads, “George got a new thermos. Reads the instructions and all…”.

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The viral video which has left the netizens in awe has manage dto gather 30.4K likes and 7.4K Retweets and comments. People have also retweeted the video, giving their own captions. While few are curious to know if he was reading the instructions other want to know why is he a pet. People have also retweeted the video saying how sweet the monkey is.

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This is not the first time that a monkey has gained attention on social media. Few days back, a video of a cheeky monkey taking a nap while sitting under a tree has triggered laughter on the internet. The footage opens with a monkey presumably in a forest area, comfortably perched below a towering tree. The animal can be seen concentrating with its eyes closed and serious look on its face as it rests on the wooden block. In no time, the sleepyhead monkey is transported into a deep slumber unperturbed by the events in his vicinity. After several minutes of a nap, the monkey opens its eyes and looks around, pretending to not have slept at all. The footage sparked laughter in the comments as several users could relate to the monkey.  

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(Image Credits: Twitter/RexChapman)

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