I want to have your cake and beat it! Cheeky monkey runs off with the dessert after interrupting family’s birthday celebration

This is the hilarious moment a monkey steals an entire birthday cake from under the noses of a celebrating family.

The daring monkey pounced just after a member of the family had cut a slice of the cake while relatives sang Happy Birthday.

In the video, which was filmed in India, the family can be heard singing before the monkey sneaks up to them, steals the cake and then runs with it up a tree.

This is the hilarious moment a monkey steals an entire birthday cake from under the noses of a celebrating family in Indi

This is the hilarious moment a monkey steals an entire birthday cake from under the noses of a celebrating family in Indi

The daring monkey stole the cake just after a member of the family had cut a slice of the cake while relatives sang Happy Birthday

The daring monkey stole the cake just after a member of the family had cut a slice of the cake while relatives sang Happy Birthday

This is the hilarious moment a monkey steals an entire birthday cake from under the noses of a celebrating family in India. The daring monkey stole the cake just after a member of the family had cut a slice of the cake while relatives sang Happy Birthday

The video first emerged in December last year but was re-posted on Twitter on Thursday.

The footage begins with the sound of a woman singing happy birthday as a man in front of her cuts into the chocolate cake.

Just as he begins to pick the slice up, the monkey looms into view and grabs the cake with both hands.

In the video, which was filmed in India, the family can be heard singing before the monkey sneaks up to them and steals the cake

In the video, which was filmed in India, the family can be heard singing before the monkey sneaks up to them and steals the cake

It then runs with it up a tree

It then runs with it up a tree

In the video, which was filmed in India, the family can be heard singing before the monkey sneaks up to them, steals the cake and then runs with it up a tree

It also bites into it and carries it away as members of the family scream out in shock. 

The monkey then clambers quickly up a nearby tree, prompting one person below to start laughing hysterically.  

Since being re-posted earlier today, the video has garnered more than 1,800 likes and 300 retweets on Twitter.


Monkey Interrupts Celebrations, Runs Away With Cake In ROFL Video

Monkey Interrupts Celebrations, Runs Away With Cake In ROFL Video

This monkey was filmed running away with a cake, leaving spectators open-mouthed.

This monkey pulled off a robbery that would put Money Heist to shame. A side-splitting video that emerged last year has captured the Internet’s attention yet again, leaving thousands in splits. The video shows a monkey interrupting a celebration to make off with the most important part – the cake. 

The video, which was shared on Twitter this evening by Indian Forest Service officer Susanta Nanda, shows some people celebrating in a forested area. One man in the video was filmed cutting a cake kept on a boulder. However, their celebrations were cut short by a thieving monkey who waited for the perfect opportunity before running off with the cake. 

No soon had the man cut a slice of the cake that the monkey appeared at the scene, grabbed the cake and ran away with it. The whole heist occurred in the blink of an eye and ended with the mischievous monkey running up a tree, far from the shocked people who could do nothing more than stare. 

“Celebrating wedding anniversary in a forest is an experience altogether,” wrote Mr Nanda while sharing the video. “Surprises guaranteed.”

Watch the hilarious cake robbery below:

The video has collected over 11,000 views and a ton of amused comments since being shared online.

“A cultured monkey….waited for the ceremonial piece to be cut out before executing the heist!” quipped one person in the comments section.

“Oh my god, can’t stop laughing,” another said.

“Monkey got the lion’s share,” a Twitter user remarked.

This is not the only monkey video that has left social media users amused recently. Just a few days ago, Mr Nanda also shared a video of a monkey fashioning a face mask out of an old piece of cloth that had people in stitches.

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Top 10 Times A Monkey Took A Human Life

For most people, monkeys are adorable little primates who wouldn’t hurt a fly. For anyone who has worked with monkeys, or been exposed to them in the wild, they are dangerous and terrifying little monsters capable of killing people.

They may be small, but monkeys have caused a lot of deaths over the years, and in places like India, they take people’s lives all the time. Monkey attacks are no joke, and these ten examples are some of these furry little primates’ worst.

10 A Man Was Stoned To Death By Monkeys In India

In October 2018, a man named Dharampal Singh was out collecting pieces of dry wood in Tikri, Uttar Pradesh, India, when something unusual happened. He was pelted from above with bricks, and they were thrown by a group of monkeys in the trees above him. Mr. Singh was pelted with bricks, the monkeys collected from nearby dilapidated buildings, and he was hit in the legs, chest, and head. According to his brother, “Monkeys threw more than 20 bricks at Dharampal on Thursday.” Because the bricks were thrown from high above, Mr. Singh didn’t stand a chance.

The 72-year-old man was killed by the attacking rogue monkeys, and as a result, his family filed a complaint with the officers at Doghat police station in Uttar Pradesh. The police didn’t take the complaint seriously, and even went on record saying, “How can we register the case against monkeys? This will make us a laughing stock.”[1] Monkeys are well-known in the village to be aggressive towards the people living there, and multiple complaints have been filed. Unfortunately, bringing them in for justice is next to impossible, so the monkeys continue to terrorize the locals.[2]

9 Monkeys Chased A Woman Off A Roof In India

In January 2020, a 45-year-old woman named Jayanti Swain was working on her roof, hanging clothes to dry when a monkey appeared on her roof, frightening her. Ms. Swain panicked and screamed as she attempted to get away from the furry beast, but this led her to run right off the roof, causing her to fall to her death. She was later found by her family members on the ground after they rushed outside to see what all the shrieking was about. When she was taken to the hospital, she was declared deceased

The unfortunate encounter happened in the Jajpur district of Odisha on the Eastern coast of India, and it’s not the first time the area has had to deal with monkey violence. Villagers have reported numerous attacks and annoyances caused by the local monkey population, which has destroyed crops and attacked people. Most attacks don’t result in human fatalities, but that does occur elsewhere in India, where police have taken to using slingshots to try and frighten packs of monkeys away from people in Northern India. Sterilization programs have also been employed in an attempt to curb the growing monkey population.[3]

8 A Pet Monkey Mauled And Killed Its Owner In Malaysia

In some parts of the world, monkeys are used to retrieve coconuts, as they are incredibly adept at scaling trees and throwing coconuts to the ground. A monkey can do the work of ten men in this regard, so it’s no surprise that someone like Ngah Muhammad might try to train his pet monkey to fetch coconuts in his native Malaysia. The training didn’t go according to plan, and instead of shimmying up the tree to fetch a coconut, the pet monkey attacked its owner, biting him in several places, including the wrist.

Unfortunately, that bite to the wrist proved fatal, as it tore through a major artery, leading the 72-year-old man to bleed to death. His son, Mohd Zakaria Ngah, ran out to the coconut grove to check on his father, whom he found lying unconscious on the ground. When he approached his father, the monkey attacked him as well and bit him hard on the neck. His scream following the bite caused neighbors to arrive, and the monkey was scared off into the jungle. The Malaysian Department of Wildlife and National Parks found and tranquilized the monkey, which they likely destroyed due to its aggressive behavior.[4]

7 A Monkey Went On A Nine-Day Rampage, Killing One And Injuring Nine In India

In May of 2019, a monkey went on a rampage in a central Indian village, resulting in the death of one man and injuries to nine additional people. The rampage lasted for nine days as villagers were suddenly attacked by the rogue monkey, which bit whomever it came in contact with. The first victim was a 15-year-old boy who was bitten by the monkey but wasn’t killed in the attack. The man who died as a result of the monkey’s bite was 60-years-old and is only known as Nathuram.[5]

The attacks led the locals to protest, as wild monkey attacks are nothing new to the people of central India. The protest took the form of a blockade along a motorway, where they placed Nathuram’s body, resulting in a major traffic jam. The Times of India reported that the local hospitals weren’t stocked with anti-rabies vaccinations, which was the straw that broke the camel’s back for the residents. Following their protest along the major road, the police promised to address their concern, which helped to resolve the protest. A team managed to locate the monkey in three hours following the last attack.[6]

6 Monkeys Killed The Deputy Mayor Of New Dehli, India

Typically, when a rogue monkey goes on the offensive in India, it happens in a small village, where the people there have little to no protection. In the case of Surinder Singh Bajwa, a senior government official who was the Deputy Mayor of New Dehli, his run-in with rogue Rhesus macaques led to his death, and it happened in his own home. The Deputy Mayor was on his balcony reading a newspaper at his home in East Dehli when a group of three or four monkeys suddenly attacked him. According to one of his neighbors, “The monkeys came all of a sudden. Bajwaji attempted to shoo them away and, in the process, fell off the terrace.”

Bajwa was rushed to the hospital to treat his head injury sustained in the fall, but he succumbed to his injuries and died in October 2007. There are numerous government buildings in New Dehli that are constantly overrun with Rhesus macaques, so the problem isn’t strictly limited to faraway villages. They typically frighten visitors and passers-by but rarely attack. Authorities have sent larger and fiercer monkeys called langurs to chase off the Rhesus macaques, but the problem persists.[7][8]

5 A Child Was Snatched And Killed By A Monkey In India

Monkey attacks in India aren’t as rare as the residents would like, but they rarely result in death, and when they do, it’s often an elderly person who dies from a bite or thrown item. Sadly, in November 2018, a 12-day-old baby named Arush was the victim of a monkey attack, and it happened when his mother was breastfeeding him. Without warning, a pack of wild monkeys ambushed the family home on the outskirts of Agra, India, where a monkey grabbed the baby from his mother’s arms. The monkey grabbed the child by the neck and pulled him away before his mother realized what was happening.

Yogesh, the child’s father, explained to local media that “The front door was left open, and my wife was breastfeeding the baby when a monkey suddenly ran into the house.” The parents frantically searched for their infant and sadly found him on a neighbor’s roof, where the monkey had left him. The child was bleeding and unresponsive, so the parents rushed him to a hospital, where he was declared dead. It was later discovered that the same monkey attacked a sleeping 14-year-old girl 15 minutes prior to attacking Arush.[9]

4 A Woman Was Bitten To Death In India

Just five days after baby Arush was killed by a monkey, a 58-year-old woman named Bhoomi Devi suffered a similar fate in the city of Agra. Bhoomi had left her home to relieve herself when she was attacked by monkeys. When she was found, she was covered with blood from multiple bites, and according to members of her family, “She had lost so much blood that doctors could do nothing to save her.” The death, which came so soon after the infant’s caused locals to hold marches and a meeting, where they insisted that monkeys be removed from the list of protected species under the Wildlife Act of 1972.

There are an estimated 25,000 wild monkeys in the city, and while they are most often a nuisance, the rise in attacks and the aggressive behavior has led to too many deaths, the people are demanding action. At the meeting, they passed a resolution demanding compensation to the victims of monkey attacks, which they say “have become so frequent that women and children are reluctant to move around freely.” Relocation and sterilization efforts were launched in an attempt to deal with the growing problem.[10]

3 An Alcoholic Monkey Went On A Rampage In India

A monkey named Kalua was raised by an “occultist” from Mirzapur, Uttar Pradesh, India, and for some reason, the monkey was raised on a healthy diet of alcohol. It’s believed that Kalua was taught to drink hard liquor, and was fed monkey meat, which made for a crazed alcoholic monkey. Authorities found the monkey’s owner dead, which likely led to severe withdrawal, as Kalua could no longer drink as he was accustomed to. This led to a period of hyper aggression, and the monkey took to the streets, where he attacked 250 people.

Kalua preferred to attack the faces of women and children, and he fled into the forests of Mirzapur, where it took a while for authorities to trap him. Once he was taken to the Kanpur Zoological Park, the zookeepers worked with him in an attempt to rehabilitate the monkey, but all efforts failed. He would only eat meat and refused all fruit and vegetables. Ultimately, he was transferred away from others of his kind, and placed in solitary confinement, where he will remain for the rest of his life.[11][12]

2 A Senior Chinese Businessman Was Killed By A Monkey In China

In April 2016, Weng Mai, the former chairman of the Shanghai-based food company, Guan Sheng Yuan Co. Ltd. became the victim of a monkey attack at the nature park on Yuntai Mountain in Henan, China. The 67-year-old businessman was visiting the nature reserve as part of a photoshoot arranged by the Shanghai Yelv Travel Agency. While there, a Macaque monkey either threw or pushed a rock over a ledge, causing it to fall on Weng’s head. He was immediately rushed to the Xiuwu County People’s Hospital for treatment.

Unfortunately, the wound was too severe, and he died as a result of the trauma to his head. The incident raised awareness of the dangers monkeys can pose to visitors to the park, and despite the travel agency’s assurance that the death was the result of an accident, and wasn’t the monkey’s fault, an investigation nonetheless followed. The area is known to be a dangerous sport where falling rocks are concerned. In 2015, seven tourists were killed when a large boulder fell on them at Caidie Mountain in Guilin, though it wasn’t pushed by a monkey, as was the case for Mr. Weng.[13]

1 A Monkey Killed A King In Greece

In 1920, the 27-year-old King of Greece, Alexander, was the victim of a monkey attack. The incident took place on the 2nd of October, 1919, when King Alexander went for a walk with his dog in his private park at the Tatoi Estate outside Athens. When a monkey attacked His Majesty’s dog, Fritz, the King ran to his dog’s aid. The monkey was a Barbary macaque and belonged to someone who worked at the palace. While King Alexander was trying to pry the two animals apart, another monkey came up from behind and bit the King on his leg and upper body.

The King had his wounds dressed, and he felt that he wasn’t seriously injured, so he kept the incident from the public. Unfortunately, both bites became infected, and while amputation of the leg may have saved him, none of the doctors were willing to risk the King’s leg should it not work. Eventually, the King died 23 days after he was first bitten. His death led to his father’s resumption of his Kingly duties, which had numerous unforeseen consequences, including losing the Greco-Turkish War. Winston Churchill laid some serious blame on the Barbary macaque, when he said, “it was a monkey bite that caused the death of those 250,000 people.”[14]

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Monkey in Bali Tries To Undo Woman’s Shorts, Leers Into Her Breasts While Pulling Her Hair [VIDEO]

A rather audacious monkey at an Indonesian zoo has become a viral sensation after a video shows the macaque attempting to undo an Irish tourist’s shorts while leering on her breasts, possibly looking for food.

The video of the incident filmed sometime last year at the island of Bali at Ubud’s “Sacred Monkey Forest,” which is a sanctuary for Balinese long-tailed monkeys shows a 38-year-old female tourist from Ireland being the muse of a curious monkey’s muse.

Jill Porter, an administration officer from Castlerock, Northern Ireland, was on a holiday in Bali and along with her friends, she was visiting the Sacred Monkey Sanctuary in Ubud when a rather bold monkey took an interest in her.

Though before entering the sacred monkey forest in Ubud, the forest officials had advised Jill and her friends not to be scared when the animals approach. Jill, however, said she was shocked when the macaque decided to sit on her lap.

The 23-second clipping of the incident that has now gone viral online shows, the curious monkey first tries to undo Jill’s denim shorts, and then it pulls on her shirt while proceeding to peek into her breasts. The curious long-tailed macaque at one point even pulls at her hair.

Jill who was visibly shocked by the behavior of the curious monkey believes that the Balinese macaque must have been hungry and looking for food, which is a common behavior among these primates inside the sacred Bali sanctuary.

“I think the monkeys may have been hungry and just looking for food,” Jill said according to a MailOnline report.


The entire video of Jill sitting on the bench while being investigated by the curious monkey was filmed by a friend, who can be heard laughing hysterically while saying “I am dying!” The video, which was shared on TikTok has close to 200,000 views on the last count.

Ubud Monkey Forest, which is known locally as Mandala Suci Wenara Wana is the sanctuary and natural habitat of the Balinese long-tailed Monkey. Located at Padangtegal Ubud, Bali, the monkey sanctuary has close to 1049 monkeys living inside the 12.5-hectare property. As per its official website, the monkey sanctuary has been shut down temporarily due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


Three reasons to visit Monkey Hollow Winery

ST. MEINRAD, Ind. – The Anderson River springs up south of Patoka Lake and flows through beautiful countryside to the Ohio near Troy, Indiana. Its tiny tributaries have adorable names: Crook’s Hollow Creek, Hurricane Creek, Waddle Brook.

Monkey Hollow Winery lies near St. Meinrad, Ind. On summer Saturday evenings, a limited grill menu is offered to complement the house wines and spirits.

One in particular might sound familiar — Monkey Hollow Ditch. The 100-acre plot divided by this streamlet is home to the Monkey Hollow Winery and Distillery, which produces popular wines and spirits and, in summer, offers a Saturday patio dining menu straight off the grill.

This land is where Daniel Hedinger has farmed for decades, raising corn, soybeans and cattle, while his kids Daniel II, Andy, Jaime and Tammy grew up.

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As the kids became adults and forged their own careers, the elder Daniel, his wife Rita and the rest of the Hedingers began discussing what they could do with the acreage that would keep it in the family and create a positive cultural use for it.

“They settled on growing grapes and having a vineyard and winery,” said Faye Hedinger, wife of Daniel II. “They planted the first portion of the vineyard in 2003, knowing that grapes are a longer-term project.”

Daniel Hedinger I has lost a lot of cow pasture acreage to the family winery--nevertheless, you'll find him pouring behind the bar and chatting with regular customers. Here he pours blackberry wine on Saturday, June 27, 2020.

It takes about seven years for grapevines to produce full crops, and, right on time, Monkey Hollow Winery was built in 2010 and opened in 2011.

1. Wine

Daniel II is the winemaker and distiller as well as having a full-time job as a nurse practitioner. He produces a changing selection of wines from dry to sweet, many made with fruit juice.

The wine is made in small batches and bottled 30-80 cases at a time, so regulars know that while their favorites might be out of stock for a while, there will always be something new and delicious ready to pour.

“That’s a function of using our own grapes, our smaller capacity and also our desire to try several different things with the grapes we have,” Faye said. “The fruit wines are made with real fruit, and that’s a process.”

Look for sweet fruit wines such as strawberry, blueberry and apricot, or dry wines such as Chambourcin red or a dry white blend of Cayuga White and Riesling. Slush Monkeys are sweet wine slushies made with house wines.

Monkey Hollow Winery is located near St. Meinrad, Ind. It's a beautiful summer destination.

A popular series of grape wines is aged in used Bourbon barrels. Some of these are the “Pasture Limit” series.

“The vineyard is overtaking my father-in-law’s cow pastures,” Faye said. “He still has cows, but every time the winery grows we move his fences, so we have the Pasture Limit wines. We do commemorate the cows we force him to get rid of on the labels.”

Pasture Limit II is a semi-sweet concord wine aged in Bourbon barrels. Pasture Reloaded is barrel-aged Catawba wine. The Ol’ Grandad is a Chambourcin blend that Daniel II didn’t like at first, until Daniel I convinced him to barrel-age it and see what happened — as it turns out, everyone loves it.

2. Spirits

It was just over two years ago, when the winery was ready to expand, that they decided to add a distillery.

Monkey Hollow's Nine gin contains nine botanical essences. Put that in your martini and drink it.

“Dan always has the next five-year plan; he’s driven,” Faye said. “He just loves science. He loves the science of winemaking and distilling and the chemistry of it. We could see that the micro-distillery trend was booming and we wanted to get on early. Luckily, we got a custom still before the prices exploded. It’s been so fun; it gives us all these new avenues.”

One new avenue was a sudden pivot to producing hand sanitizer during the recent coronavirus shutdown when the winery couldn’t welcome customers to the building.

The first spirit produced at Monkey Hollow was Monkey Shine, an unaged moonshine-style white whiskey. It comes plain, as the cinnamon “Fire Monkey” and in cherry and peach flavors.

The Nine gin is infused with nine botanical essences. Vine is the vodka, distilled a total of six times for purity.

Visitors enjoy wine, dinner, drinks and live music on the patio at Monkey Hollow Winery on Saturday, June 27, 2020.

An exciting new spirit this year is limoncello made with the house grappa.

Grappa is a traditional Italian spirit. After red wines are pressed away from the grape skins they have fermented with, the yeasty skins are combined with sugar and water and fermented further. The liquid is then distilled to produce grappa.

To make sweet yellow limoncello, the grappa is soaked with lemon peel and sugar.

“We got a case of these beautiful organic lemons, and the whole family sat right here and peeled them with a potato peeler,” Faye said. “You had to be very careful because you can’t use any of the white part of the peel or it will be bitter. We froze all the juice to use in lemon drinks.”

3. Saturday dinner

A Saturday afternoon drive might end at Monkey Hollow for a tasting at the bar and then live music and a dinner of ribeye steak, pork steak or pork chop with creek fries, slow-cooked green beans and sweet grape salad on the patio. Dinners are served from 3:30-6:30 p.m. Ordering ahead is highly recommended so they know how much meat to purchase, and so you get the variety you want.

A double pork steak dinner with creek fries and green beans at Monkey Hollow Winery on Saturday, June 27, 2020.

“Our goal was to stay farm-oriented and agriculture-oriented and also be family-oriented,” Faye said. “We are family-friendly because the winery is a family project for us, and there are kids that are involved at all different levels; they grow up trimming the grapevines. One of our wines is called Three Generations, and it’s really representative of how the winery is operated.”

Find Monkey Hollow products in many liquor stores and grocery stores in Evansville.

If you go

All restaurants, live music and gathering places can possibly be affected by COVID-19 regulations as they change. We recommend calling or checking the Facebook page for changes to hours or offerings before making a trip.

Monkey Hollow Winery is located at 11534 E. County Rd. 1740 N. near Saint Meinrad

Phone: 812-357-2272

Normal hours are:

Tuesday – Sunday 11 a.m.– 6 p.m.

During summer months, dinner and live music on the patio mean later hours on Saturday.


Do Monkey Drink Beer ? Well Watch This Mind Blowing Video From Sikkim

Do Monkey Drink Beer ? Well Watch This Mind Blowing Video From Sikkim

Pakyong, 09 Jul :  According to Darwin , theory of evolution ancestors of human being are apes. Giving more concrete stand to said theory of evolution monkeys of Sikkim are fond of Beer, yes they love drinking Beer. This video is going viral where monkey snatched beer from hand of a woman , monkey starts gulping down like gentleman!

Watch it Share it


‘That Was Full Mithun Chakraborty’: Netizens Left in Splits Over Viral Video of Monkey Wrapping Cloth Like Face Mask With Ultra Swag

While humans are being fined for not wearing a face mask outside their homes amid COVID-19, the monkeys are taking full precautions against the airborne pandemic. A latest viral video on Twitter is proof of our claim and has been cracking up netizens every since IFS Susanta Nanda shared it. Also Read – Kerala Woman Helps Blind Man Get Into a Bus, Twitter Says ‘World Exists Due to Such Kind Souls’ | Watch Viral Video

Taking to his handle on the micro-blogging site, the officer shared the hilarious video which features a group of monkeys by a sidewalk. One among them can be seen sitting with a dirty rag and in no time, wraps it around its face like a pro and starts walking around. The video was captioned, “After seeing head scarfs being used as face mask (sic)” Also Read – COVID-19 Cases in India See Biggest Jump of Nearly 25,000; Total Tally Rises Above 7.6 Lakh | Key Points

Cracking up netizens in a jiffy, the comments section was soon flooded with hilarious reactions. While one user wrote, “the way he/she swung that scarf; that was full Mithun Chakraborty (sic)”, another commented, “Sir, since they’re the closest animal to human being, I think they must have thought of protecting themelves from COVID etc (sic)” and yet another tweeted, “Funny…the monkey swung the scarf like a pro (sic)”

Check out Twitter’s reaction on the video here:

The video grossed over 26.6k views at the time of filing this story, while still going strong.


Cheeky monkey peers down a woman’s top

This is the funny moment a very cheeky monkey tried to take off a woman’s shorts — before peering down her top. The Balinese long-tailed monkey took a shine to tourist Jill Porter, 38, when she was on a trip to Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary in Ubud, Bali. The video shows onlookers giggling while the animal, apparently unabashed, makes its move.


Crafty Monkey in St Neots set to reopen

A St Neots-based craft studio is planning to reopen on July 21 – the date which also marks its tenth anniversary.

Crafty Monkey turns 10 on July 21 PICTURE: Chrissy BennettCrafty Monkey turns 10 on July 21 PICTURE: Chrissy Bennett

Crafty Monkey, in Moore’s Walk, has worked with schools, nurseries, churches, nursing homes as well as members of the public.

Owner, Chrissy Bennett, said: “We’ve been watching our customers grow from tiny babies where we’ve printed their hands and feet onto pottery, from children having their parties at Crafty Monkey and goodbye gifts for teachers.

“Before reopening, we overhauled the studio, gave it a good deep clean and declutter and have put improved systems in place.

“We are really loving some of the changes which allow us to operate smarter and give better customer service. A major revolution is our online booking system as this has massively cut down on the number of phone calls we receive giving us more time for the customers who are in the studio.”

Crafty Monkey turns 10 on July 21 PICTURE: Chrissy BennettCrafty Monkey turns 10 on July 21 PICTURE: Chrissy Bennett

Chrissy said news of the reopening and the new measures to make sure the business is COVID secure had brought about some good feedback and new opportunities.

“We’ve even been inspired by the pandemic to paint up lockdown mementoes and our customers too with lots of rainbows being painted.

While we can’t offer all our services, such as build a bear, kids parties and workshops and we need to limit the number of people who can come in, we feel blessed we are able to be open and one silver lining is that not all children are back to school until September so we give parents somewhere they can bring their children for a treat that is not only fun but educational, therapeutic and great for personal development.

“We are also looking forward to offering back our very popular hand and footprints and people are already booking their appointments in advance.

“COVID may mean we can’t have the tenth birthday party and celebration we would have liked to but it has in a way given us a rest and a new start for the next decade ahead.”

To find out more visit the: website or Facebook page monkey.


Watch: Monkey Makes a ‘Face Mask’ and Walks around Wearing It in Hilarious Video

It seems that the new norm of wearing masks due to COVID-19 has made monkeys ponder upon the situation as well. In a rib tickling video going viral on social media, a monkey can be seen making a makeshift face mask from a piece of cloth lying on the road.

The video which has been shared by Indian Forest Official Susanta Nanda on Twitter, shows how the monkey picks up the cloth, wears it like a scarf covering its entire face and walks around with it.

Nanda captioned the 14-second video as, “After seeing head scarfs being used as face mask.”

As of now the clip has been viewed over 21 thousand times and has been liked by over two thousand 500 users.

Different users had different takes on the video. While most thought the video was funny, a person said the monkey’s style of wrapping the scarf was similar to that of veteran actor Mithun Chakraborty. He tweeted, “the way he/she swung that scarf; that was full Mithun Chakraborty.”

Another user who seemed to be familiar with the monkey’s location opined, “Looks like a monkey from ECR road… learned behavior over many years…”

Another person’s compared the monkey with an emoji. He tweeted, “this emoji walking in circles.”

Here are some other reactions for the primate’s ‘monkeying around’ video: