Monkey hanged to death in Telangana, gut-wrenching incident sparks angry reactions

In yet another incident of animal brutality, a group of people in a village in Telangana beat up and hanged a monkey to death after it entered a home looking for food. A gut-wrenching video of the incident has since gone viral and prompted a flood of angry reactions on Twitter, with many asking for justice for the animal.

The incident took place in Ammapalem village in Telangana’s Khammam district. A video of the sickening incident which has surfaced on social media shows the monkey hanging by a rope, flailing its arms desperately in an attempt to free itself. Dogs were left to attack the monkey.

The video has left people shocked and many are taking to Twitter to share their outrage over the incident.

“Such an inhuman, brutal and shameful act. Don’t know where these humans are heading towards,” wrote a Twitter user.

Ammapalem resident Venkateshwar Rao and other accused have been charged by forest officials under the Wildlife Protection Act. They were arrested and released on bail on Saturday. They are yet to be summoned for questioning.

Rao had spotted the monkey at his home and beat it with a stick. He then hung it from a tree with the help of his friend.

In the video of the incident, Rao can be seen instructing his pet dogs to bite the monkey while it fought for its life.

(With ANI Inputs)