Contest to redesign Monkey God for a global and secular audience

If people can keep figurines of characters such as the Incredible Hulk in their office cubicles, why not the Taoist Monkey God?

That was the inspiration behind Design for Deities, an international design competition organised by Say Tian Hng Buddha Shop, a 124-year-old Taoist effigy-making shop in Chinatown. Originally located in Club Street in Chinatown, the shop moved to the nearby Neil Road in 1990.

The heritage business, one of the oldest in Singapore, has challenged designers all over the world to reimagine a 40-year-old wooden statue of the Monkey God made in the shop to appeal to an international and secular audience.

Mr Ng Tze Yong, 40, a fourthgeneration family member of the shop’s founders, explains why they chose the Monkey God for the challenge.

“The Monkey God personifies the virtues of courage, devotion and redemption. You don’t need to be a Taoist to appreciate the story of the Monkey God and the timeless values it embodies, which remain even more relevant in today’s world,” says Mr Ng, who is chief executive officer of Equal, an animal therapy charity.

The Design for Deities competition will be judged by renowned design and heritage practitioners from New York’s Parsons School of Design, the Silicon Valley design firm IDEO, the Royal Anthropological Institute of the United Kingdom and the Singapore Heritage Society.

Local Buddhist temple Ean Keng Si has offered to sponsor the prize money, ranging from $200 to $1,500.

Mr Ng says the competition is an attempt to fight against time, by incorporating a modern flair to the age-old traditional sculptures.

Due to a dwindling Taoist population and availability of cheaper, machine-made statues from China, the shop’s business has been steadily decreasing over the years. Its main customers now are mostly temples and Taoist devotees from Singapore, Malaysia and Batam, who come to repair their old statues.

“Only once in a blue moon do we get a customer who wants to commission a new statue,” says Mr Ng, who is a father of two.

“The inspiration for the competition actually came from my final-year project at Parsons School of Design, which was to figure out how I could reinvent my grandma’s shop for the future by reimagining the statues and attracting a new customer base,” he adds.

He says the new customer base he has in mind will be made up of Westerners who may find it easier to see the reimagined sculptures as works of art rather than religious artefacts.

“Furthermore, memorable characters such as the Monkey God provide an accessible entry point into Chinese culture, helping Westerners develop an interest and appreciation for the rich culture.”

He adds: “For many locals, it is culturally ingrained in us to see a Monkey God statue as purely an object of worship, and so it will be hard to accept or digest the idea that a Monkey God statue could be given a fresh look.”

All the sculptures in the shop are handmade by Mr Ng’s 68-year-old father, Mr Ng Yeow Hua, although his grandmother, 89-year-old Madam Tan Chwee Lian, helps out a little.

The shop is where Madam Tan, whom Mr Ng describes as their family’s matriarch, has spent most of her life. At the age of 18, she married Mr Ng Tze Yong’s grandfather, Mr Ng Tian Sang, who was the son of the shop’s original founders. She would help her husband with the business while taking care of her seven children.

Mr Ng says of his grandmother: “She is the epitome of a working mother. She would carve the wooden statues while rocking a baby on her lap.”

Madam Tan is also on the judging panel for the competition.

Apart from the Monkey God, the best-selling statues in the shop are those of Guan Gong, the God of War, and Guan Yin, the Goddess of Mercy.

• The Design for Deities competition will be accepting entries until Aug 9, and interested designers can submit their designs via


Telangana shocker: Monkey dies after being hanged from tree; accused booked

The recent initiative by the Telangana government to setup “food courts” for monkey across the state was applauded by many. But that thoughtful gesture, which was in part to prevent the monkeys from straying into human habitat, has now been marred by a horrendous and inhumane act carried out by a few youths in Khammam district of Telangana. A monkey was captured and hanged from a tree until it died.

The video of the disturbing incident has been shared widely on social media, drawing serious flak from netizens who demand stern action against the culprits. The forest officials identified the culprits as Sadu Venkateswar Rao and his neighbors Goudelli Ganapathi and G Rajashekar.

The entire incident, which shows unspeakable brutality towards the monkey, was captured on the mobile phone of the accused. The incident took place on Friday and the accused were taken into custody for questioning on Sunday.

Monkey killed in Telangana

Monkey killed in Telangana with no remorseIBT

Accused unshaken by the suffering of the monkey

As shown in the video, the accused can be seen holding sticks in their hands to beat the monkey, which is already suffering from being by a tree. The youths further released dogs to attack the monkey.

According to reports, one of the monkeys, which regularly entered the fields and moved around the house of a farmer, fell into a water tub and the man captured it, beat it with sticks, took to the fields and hanged it from a tree to scare other monkeys. It is disturbing to watch the monkey suffer as it endlessly tried to escape. But it died at last.

[Viewer discretion is advised]

Accused booked

According to Sathupalli Forest Range Officer (FRO) A Venkateswaralu, the three youths were arrested and a case under the Wildlife Protection Act has been registered against them. After being questioned, the accused Venkateswar Rao confessed to the crime and was released on personal bond. However, he would be summoned to the forest office for further enquiry on Monday, Telangana Today reported.


Y’arr, Tales Of Monkey Island has returned to Steam and GOG

After a few years back in dry-dock, Tales Of Monkey Island has returned to the open sea. Following Telltale Games’ infamous scuttling back in 2018, many of the story-driven studio’s works were taken off sale – going down with the ship, if you’ll pardon. Slowly, tales of shamblers and caped crusaders have resurfaced, and now Guybrush Threepwood’s 3D follow-up has found its way back onto Steam and GOG.

Tales Of Monkey Island was one of the many adventure games brought down when Telltale Games abruptly imploded two years ago, laying off most of their staff before closing entirely. While owners of games like Monkey Island, Back To The Future: The Game or the brilliant Tales From The Borderlands could still download and play them, the developers’ catalogue was unceremoniously removed from sale.

In time, some of these would come back. The Walking Dead got a definitive rerelease last year, and a shambling corpse resembling Telltale rose last year to try and bring back some of their older games. They’d even like to make new ones like The Wolf Among Us 2 – though with much of the talent behind that studio now scattered to the winds, that’s very much a wait and see sitch.

Still! Tales Of Monkey Island is back, with the complete 5-part series back on sale under publishers Athlon Games. As I understand, it was a pretty divisive thing – handing one of the best-known Lucasarts point-n-clicks to newcomers Telltale, popping Threepwood into 3D. From looking at some truly ancient posts on the site, it also seems Telltale hadn’t quite sorted out this episodic pricing lark, either.

But the important this is that it’s back on sale, something that still sadly can’t be said for much of Telltale’s catalogue. Tales Of Monkey Island is currently 50% off over on Steam and GOG for £7.74 / €8.39 / $9.99, with GOG being a little pricier in Euros and Pounds. Don’t ask me why.


Animal cruelty: Monkey hanged to death in Telangana

Hyderabad: A few youths in Khammam district of Telangana cruelly killed a monkey by hanging it from a tree and releasing dogs to attack it.
This happened in Ammapalem village under Vemsoor block. A video of the heinous deed has surfaced on social media groups.

Sathupalli Forest Range Officer (FRO) A Venkateswaralu said three persons were picked up for brutally killing of monkey. He said a case under Wildlife Protection Act was registered against them.

According to information available, a group of monkeys that regularly enters fields, was moving around the house of a farmer.

One of them fell in the water tub. The man caught hold of it and took it to the fields. He was accompanied by a couple of others.
Fellow monkeys also followed him.
One of the friends told him that monkeys would be scared, if one of them is killed.

They tied the monkey to a tree with a rope. They hung the monkey and released two dogs. The monkey’s struggle to escape was very disturbing. The men remained unmoved and were even holding sticks to beat the monkey.


Tales of Monkey Island is for sale again on Steam and GOG

LCG Entertainment is credited as the developer and Athlon Games as its publisher.

Tales of Monkey Island is back on sale on Steam and GOG.

As spotted by PC Gamer, the game as been quietly relisted on both PC platforms, with LCG Entertainment marked as the developer and Athlon Games as its publisher.

Telltale Games, the defunct developer behind the likes of The Walking Dead, Tales from the Borderlands, and The Wolf Among Us, returned last year, albeit in a substantially different form. Holding company LCG Entertainment had secured Telltale’s name and some of its licenses.

At the time, it was thought that publisher Athlon Games, also a partner in the deal, would handle storefront operations and distribution for the new Telltale, and that’s certainly proven to be the case as Athlon is credited as the publisher of the newly republished game.

Right now the game’s on offer, sporting a 50 per cent saving on the Tales of Monkey Island Complete Pack which includes chapters one to five. You only have until 9th July to secure the pack at that promotional price, though.

Will we see other games de-listed from digital storefronts since Telltale’s demise return? Fingers crossed and watch this space, eh?

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‘Master Monkey’: Video Of Man Showing Off Gymnastic Skills Leaves Netizens Stunned

A video of a ‘ninja warrior’ or ‘master monkey’ showing off his gymnastic skills on what seems to be like a bridge under construction takes internet by storm. The video shared on June 27 on a Twitter page called ‘Engineering’ shows a man easily swinging from one pole to another effortlessly without any harness. 

The 15-second-video shows the man releasing and clutching six poles one after the another. In the end, he can also be seen swinging twice before grasping the concrete bridge, jumping over the railing and walking away. His ‘crazy’ gymnastic skills have left several internet users stunned as he made the ‘dangerous’ stunt look so ‘easy’. 

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Netizens call it ‘incredible’ 

Since shared, the video has been viewed over 342,000 times. With hundreds of comments and over 7,000 likes, several netizens referred to the famous video game and called him ‘Prince of Persia’. While some said the stunt is ‘dangerous for life’, another joked and wrote, “Easy, I can do that with my eyes closed….and when I opened my eye, already at the bottom of that river”. “When I do that…My bones…would break apart….into pieces,” added another Twitter user. 

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NASCAR DFS Prop Picks: Pocono Organics 325 – Monkey Knife Fight

Saturday features an exciting Cup Series race at Pocono Raceway in Pennsylvania. Aric Almirola, Ryan Blaney, Denny Hamlin, Kyle Busch, and Chase Elliott will make up the top five to start the race. Monkey Knife Fight has an extremely easy fantasy point system: 0.1 points for each lap led and then a set amount of points for their position (20 for 1st place, 19 for 2nd place, 18 for 3rd, and so on).

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We’ll be helping you along every day and night where there’s a race, by providing you with expert prop picks all NASCAR season long here at RotoBaller.

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Pick 1: More or Less Fantasy Points (2/2)

Recommended Prop Pick: Kevin Harvick OVER 17.5 Fantasy Points and Kyle Busch OVER 16.5 Fantasy Points

Harvick and Busch are projected to be two of the highest fantasy point producers on Saturday and lucky for us, we can bet the over on both of them.

Busch is currently a betting co-favorite at 5 to 1 odds and he won this race last year. Starting in fourth-place gives him an excellent chance to get to the front of the pack and rack up some laps led points early. If he is able to get to the front for 50 laps or so, a top 10 finish would put Busch well on his way to breaking through 16.5 fantasy points.

Harvick is the other co-favorite at 5 to 1 odds and though he doesn’t have as good of a chance to get to the front of the pack early, a top-three finish from Harvick seems extremely likely. With just a top-five finish and 25 laps led, Harvick will break through his 17.5 fantasy point threshold.

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Pick 2: More or Less Fantasy Points (2/3)

Recommended Prop Pick: Kevin Harvick OVER 17.5 Fantasy Points, Kyle Busch OVER 16.5 Fantasy Points, Denny Hamlin UNDER 16.5 Fantasy Points

This prop gives us an excellent chance to be a bit more aggressive. With the limited drivers that MNF offers, finding a few individual props that you are confident about and using them in multiple contests seems to be the way to attack a race.

As mentioned above, Harvick and Busch are projected to be the top two drivers on Saturday. The fact that we can take the over on both of them again in this prop bet is excellent.

As for Hamlin, taking the under seems to be the sharper side when taking this prop as a whole into consideration. If Harvick and Busch are able to hit their overs on fantasy points, there is a really good chance that they will both lead a good chuck of laps. At only 130 total laps, that does not leave many opportunities for drivers like Hamlin to rack up those laps led points. In addition, the RotoBaller NASCAR Lineup Optimizer does not project Hamlin all that well. As long as he leads less than 35 or so laps, expect Hamlin to hit the under on 16.5 fantasy points more often than not.

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Monkey making method (easy and gives decent money)

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Say What?!: Endangered Monkey Found in Center Console of Truck Entering U.S.

HIDALGO INTERNATIONAL BRIDGE – Customs officers in Texas made an unusual discovery in a pickup truck attempting to cross the border from Mexico – an endangered spider monkey. U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s Office of Field Operations said officers at the Hidalgo International Bridge referred a Ford F-150 pickup truck attempting to enter the country from Mexico for further inspection […]

Read the full story here:

Jefferson County Recipe of the Day: Katie Bauer’s Banana Bread

Woman with ‘history of monkey dust use’ found dead at Stoke-on-Trent address

A woman with a ‘history of heroin and monkey dust use’ was found dead on a sofa.

Staffordshire Police launched an investigation after treating the death of Sharon Marshall as ‘unexplained’.

They discovered the 46-year-old at a property on Weston Road, Meir, last November.

Now an inquest has been opened and adjourned into Sharon’s death.

North Staffordshire assistant coroner Sarah Murphy said: “An ambulance was called because Ms Marshall was found unresponsive on the sofa.

“She was known to have a history of heroin and monkey dust use. We were told drug use was going on at the location.

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“The cause of death is given as combined opiate toxicity and bronchopneumonia.

“As there is reason to believe the death was unnatural an inquest will be necessary. The family will be given an update in due course.”

Paramedics attended reports of a ‘medical emergency’ at the property at 5.52am on November 9.

A West Midlands Ambulance Service spokesman said: “Two ambulances attended the scene. Unfortunately nothing could be done to save the woman and she was confirmed dead at the scene.”