Monkey’s Delight At Receiving A Gift Amuses Twitter. Video Is Viral

Monkey's Delight At Receiving A Gift Amuses Twitter. Video Is Viral

George the monkey unboxes a water bottle in this viral video.

Drop everything and watch this monkey unwrap his gift – because this viral video has left thousands of people in stitches, and chances are it will bring a smile to your face too. On Thursday, a company called The Coldest Water shared a video of a monkey named George unwrapping one of their products – a thermos.

Titled “Curious George unboxing a water bottle”, the video spread like fire to other social media platforms from YouTube. 


Baby monkey born during lockdown named by Edinburgh Zoo keepers

Edinburgh Zoo has named a monkey from a vulnerable species which was born during lockdown after his native home.

he three-month-old L’Hoest’s monkey was born in May to mother Sheli and father Jamal.

He has been named Butembo, in tribute to the species’ native home in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Kirsty McFaul, senior primate keeper at Edinburgh Zoo, said: “We decided to call our new arrival Butembo, which is a city in the Democratic Republic of the Congo where the vulnerable species is found in the wild.


(Laura Moore/RZSS/PA)

(Laura Moore/RZSS/PA)

(Laura Moore/RZSS/PA)

“He’s doing well and is extremely playful. He has been spotted exploring his enclosure by many of our visitors, but never too far from mum Sheli.

“We’re all really excited about Butembo’s arrival and it is fantastic to be able to welcome visitors to meet him too.”

L’Hoest’s monkeys are classed as vulnerable, with deforestation classed as one of the main threats to the population.

Edinburgh Zoo was reopened on June 29 but officials say the facility is still facing a difficult time.

Miss McFaul added: “We would like to thank everyone for their amazing support so far and for helping us reopen.

“People can help care for our animals and protect threatened species in Scotland and around the world by donating on our website.”

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‘Monkey’ or ‘Moor’? Biden surrogate under fire for bizarre metaphor

Alejandro Garcia Padilla wearing a suit and tie: Puerto Rico Gov. Alejandro García-Padilla listens during the National Governors Association meeting, Friday, July 15, 2016, in Des Moines, Iowa. © Charlie Neibergall/AP Photo Puerto Rico Gov. Alejandro García-Padilla listens during the National Governors Association meeting, Friday, July 15, 2016, in Des Moines, Iowa.

The former governor of Puerto Rico and co-chair of Joe Biden’s campaign on the island is facing bipartisan fire for remarks this week that sounded racist to some listeners.

The controversy was sparked when Alejandro García-Padilla went on a Spanish-language Univision show Wednesday to discuss island politics. He was criticizing the pro-statehood party known as PNP when he uttered one of two words, “moro” or “mono” — it was unclear which one.

Moro means “Moor,” a racially offensive term that can pejoratively refer to Muslims or black people; “mono” means monkey.

García-Padilla said being a PNP member “is the same if not more dangerous than being with [a Moor or a monkey] with a revolver inside an elevator.” One of the hosts reacted with surprise by placing her hands over her mouth and nose.

García-Padilla and others, including one of the show’s other hosts, insisted he said “mono” and that it wasn’t racist. García-Padilla said being stuck in an elevator with a pistol-packing monkey is just a creative metaphor he has used before on radio to describe a chaotic situation. However, the word monkey also has a racist history.

A PNP member and the island’s leader of young Democrats, Gabriela Medina, was certain the former governor said “moro.” Medina — who is also an alternate delegate to the Democratic convention for Biden — said she sent the clip to about 20 friends and associates, who also heard “moro.” So did Republican officials of Puerto Rican descent.

Medina took to Twitter and called García-Padilla out in a thread on Thursday that featured a video of the clip from the show, “Jugando Pelota Dura,” or “Playing Hard Ball.”

“The word moro has long been used in a derogatory manner by Spanish people against Muslims, and later Arabs and dark skinned people in general,” she wrote. “AGP, is a known hispanophile with many business dealings in Spain, would know the weight of this word.”

The dust-up in Puerto Rico came on the same day Biden was forced on the defensive for remarks on the differences between the diversity of the Black and Latino communities.

“Unlike the African American community, with notable exceptions, the Latino community is an incredibly diverse community with incredibly diverse attitudes about different things,” he told the National Association of Hispanic Journalists and the National Association of Black Journalists on Thursday. “You go to Florida, you find a very different attitude about immigration than you do in Arizona. So it’s a very diverse community.”

After his campaign tried to clean up his remarks by saying they were taken out of context, Biden again made the comments about diversity, prompting his campaign to tweet a further clarification.

Florida, which Biden mentioned Thursday, is home to a large Democratic-leaning Puerto Rican electorate that, if it voted in force, could carry the day for Biden in the swing state and therefore help him win the White House. But activists have long worried his campaign hasn’t done enough outreach to the Boricua community or with Hispanic voters more broadly.

More broadly, the dual controversies that nagged Biden this week highlight some of the challenges he has faced on the campaign trail as he stumbled over his language concerning Black and Latino people.

Polls show Biden has also struggled with young voters and specifically young Black and Hispanic voters, many of whom are more attuned than older people to nuances about race.

In the aftermath of the Black Lives Matter demonstrations this spring and summer, Latinos are also starting to discuss problems of anti-Black racism during the marches and in their communities, an issue that the García-Padilla controversy is steeped in.

When he was governor in 2013, Garcia-Padilla was criticized for saying that the island would become a “Latin American ghetto” if Puerto Rico became the 51st state.

The issue of the island’s status is an organizing principle of Puerto Rico’s political system. Some parties advocate statehood, others want independence and others, like García-Padilla’s Popular Democratic Party, are associated with preserving the island as a commonwealth. The U.S. mainland political parties are a separate political system altogether. So people like García-Padilla and Medina belong to different island parties but are also Democratic Party members.

García-Padilla said that Medina took his words “out of context” or misheard them.

“The same day I used it in the TV show, people in the media texted me laughing. Everybody understood mono,” García-Padilla said, before suggesting he didn’t know Medina and criticizing her for being “from the pro-statehood party. She’s not from my party. I’m from the Popular Democratic Party, which is the party mainly allied to the Democratic Party in the United States.”

Medina said she was surprised by García-Padilla’s attempts to cast doubts about her.

“We may belong to different local parties, but we both serve as party leaders at the Puerto Rico Democratic Party Central Committee and he has long known me from my Democratic activism on the island,” she said. “I would have not brought his racist comments to the public’s attention were I not 100 percent certain of what he said.”

She called on him to apologize.

Though it comes from the word “Moor“ — a reference to the Muslims of North Africa — “moro” is used as black in some contexts, such as the dish of white rice and black beans that’s called “arroz moro,” namely by Cubans.

Abraham López, who is of Afro-Puerto Rican descent and is a Florida-based committeeman with the Republican National Hispanic Association, said he was “flabbergasted that a campaign co-chair for a major presidential candidate displayed what is blatant racism.”

But in numerous polls, supermajorities of Hispanic and Black voters say López’s candidate, President Donald Trump, is racist. López countered by pointing to pre-pandemic job growth among Black and Latino Americans under Trump. Either way, he said, García-Padilla can’t escape his remarks.

“It’s no secret in the Hispanic community, using the word mono can definitely refer to a Black person,” López said. “As the son of an Afro-Puerto Rican, the descendant of slaves from Puerto Rico, there’s no excuse for that language. And it doesn’t matter if it’s ‘mono’ or ‘moro,’ he meant black. But he said moro.”

García-Padilla said he has repeatedly used the metaphor on the radio, that it has never engendered any controversy and that it does not in any way refer to a human being.

As controversy over García-Padilla’s comments rose, he pointed out that the issue was discussed the following day on Univision when one of the hosts, Alex Delgado, sided with him.

“To clarify,” Delgado said, “García-Padilla said ‘mono, not ‘moro,’ because people are trying to create a controversy over whether he said ‘moro’ … a xenophobic issue, so that’s clarified.”

Sabrina Rodriguez and Carlos Prieto contributed to this report.


With its OTT fight scenes and special effects, Monkey was a cult classic. Now it’s been rebooted…

Even by the crazy standards of 70s TV, Monkey was special.

A Chinese myth re-told by a Japanese production company and dubbed into English with comical voices (including Miriam Margolyes and Andrew Sachs), its heroes were a monkey god who could fly on clouds, a lusty pig god, a female dressed as a monk and a cheeky water god who used to be a cannibal.

They were making their way from China to India to find some holy scriptures, fighting baddies along the way with some gloriously unrealistic kung-fu fighting with panto special effects. But the show became a huge global hit.

Monkey in the new series, played by Australian actor Chai Hansen. The New Legends Of Monkey is out on Netflix now, but features less of the DIY special effects this time around

Monkey in the new series, played by Australian actor Chai Hansen. The New Legends Of Monkey is out on Netflix now, but features less of the DIY special effects this time around

Monkey in the new series, played by Australian actor Chai Hansen. The New Legends Of Monkey is out on Netflix now, but features less of the DIY special effects this time around

Growing up in New Zealand, TV producer Rachel Gardner was entranced. ‘I was obsessed,’ she recalls.

‘Me and my brother would do the fights by poking mops at each other. There was something about this badly dubbed show that has stayed with me.’

So much so that she was inspired to re-create the series for a new generation. The New Legends Of Monkey was made for New Zealand and Australian TV, but it too became a global hit thanks to Netflix. Now a second series is out.

While it keeps the zany energy, it’s been updated. Australian actor Chai Hansen, who has Chinese and Thai heritage, plays the monkey god Monkey.

The original god Monkey, played by popular Japanese actor Masaaki Sakai, now 73, (pictured in 1978)

The original god Monkey, played by popular Japanese actor Masaaki Sakai, now 73, (pictured in 1978)

The original god Monkey, played by popular Japanese actor Masaaki Sakai, now 73, (pictured in 1978)

‘The show is very silly and quirky,’ he says. ‘There’s nothing else like it.’

This Monkey has diminished powers after being imprisoned in a mountain for 500 years. He was released by a young girl (Luciane Buchanan) who’s pretending to be a monk called Tripitaka.

The real Tripitaka was tasked with finding Monkey, before demons killed him in front of the girl, who is now the only one who knows how to defeat them by finding more sacred scrolls.

They find one in series one, and in series two the search continues. Fighting alongside them are Pigsy the pig god, played by Kiwi comic Josh Thomson, and Sandy, the inept water god, played by Emilie Cocquerel.

Most of the cast do their own stunts, but things can go wrong. ‘I managed to give myself a black eye,’ admits Chai.

‘I got cocky in a fight scene and I fell and bashed myself in the face with a staff. If you look closely in episode four you might notice a huge lump on my face covered by make-up. 

Sandy, the inept water god, is played by Emilie Cocquerel in the new series. She is known for her role in the film LION in 2016

Sandy, the inept water god, is played by Emilie Cocquerel in the new series. She is known for her role in the film LION in 2016

Sandy, the inept water god, is played by Emilie Cocquerel in the new series. She is known for her role in the film LION in 2016

The New Legends Of Monkey is out on Netflix now.


When Will The New Legends of Monkey Season 3 Release?

‘The New Legends of Monkey’ is Netflix’s attempt to dabble into the mythical and fictional world of gods and demons, and explores the narrative of good always conquering evil. It is inspired by the decades-old Japanese TV show ‘Monkey,’ which itself was based on a 16th-century Chinese chronicle called ‘Journey to the West.’

The New Legends of Monkey Season 3 Release Date

The New Legend’s of Monkey Season 2 released on August 7, 2020, on Netflix. While one can expect the show to be renewed for the next season, it is unclear when production would start. Due to the ongoing pandemic, most things in the entertainment industry have come to a halt, and anticipating its date of release is impossible right now. Our best guess is that is things fall in place, one can expect The New Legend’s of Monkey Season 3 to release sometime in 2022.

The New Legends of Monkey Cast: Who Will Be In It?

The four protagonists from season 1 onwards, Chai Hansen (the Monkey King), Luciane Buchanan (the server girl turned Buddhist monk Tripitaka), Josh Thomson (the always famished god Pigsy), and Emilie Cocquerel (the aquatic powered god Sandy) will continue to be central to the plot in season 3 as well. A key storyline may include Rachel House, who plays the tavern owner Monica.

The New Legends of Monkey Plot: What is it about?

The first episode relays the importance of finding the location where the Monkey King (fondly called Monkey) is trapped by his fellow divine colleagues. A scholar who has this information, and the monk he was training, are killed by a demon searching for the king’s crown. A girl who had been adopted by him then assumes the identity of Tripitaka. She finds and releases Monkey after a 500-year hiatus. Along with Pigsy and Sandy, they embark on a journey to find the seven sacred scrolls. Towards the finale, Monkey realizes that his long time friend Davari was actually a demon and that he was trying to achieve immortality. Though the demon does succeed, the four are able to successfully capture him in a ball and also obtain the first scroll. 

In season 2, they find the scroll of knowledge and a fake scroll of creation. Their major battle is with the demon Hagfish, who has other scrolls that they wish to pursue, and the four prepare the rebel army to go to war with him.

In the season finale, Hagfish is killed by his own creation— Shadow Monkey. He is an evil rendition of the king who is nonchalant towards the plight of the humans. To kill him, Monkey takes the shadow scroll and flies into the sun, seemingly killing himself in the process. Tripitaka begs the protector of the scroll, Mycelia, for it so that she can use it to bring him back to life. However, he is seen in an egg on a mountain top, alive and well. 

With the evil queen Hakuru (who had been wiped out by Monkey centuries ago) being restored, we can expect the group to bring the fight to her. It will definitely be a blast from the past, and more about Monkey’s life as a god may also be revealed. They will continue to seek out the other scrolls as well. Fans can expect the realistic fight scenes and the comedically captivating story to be directed in a similar manner as in the previous episodes.

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Win merchandise from The New Legends of Monkey

Competition: Win merchandise from The New Legends of Monkey


Emmy-winning adventure series The New Legends of Monkey is back on Netflix for a second series (launching on 7th August) and to celebrate, we’re giving you the chance to get your hands on some amazing Monkey merch!

Series Two sees fallen god, Monkey, and his band of fellow misfits, Tripitaka, Sandy and Pigsy, back for more adventures, continuing their search for the sacred scrolls they need in order to overcome the chaos of demon rule in their kingdom.

Following their Emmy-winning adventures in series one, where the team escaped Jade Mountain with the Scroll of Immortality, their next step sees them looking to get their hands on the Scroll of Knowledge, hidden in the “Infinite Archive”, and then journey on to find five more sacred scrolls scattered across the world.

In this season they must battle scroll guardians, wicked demons and legions of demon warlords in the hope of gathering seven scrolls to take to the distant Western Mountains in order to empower the gods’ resistance. Inspired by the victories of Monkey and his companions, humans begin to rebel against demon rule and the demons reform their ancient armies to fight the resistance. Action-packed fun and hand-to-hand combat ensue as Monkey and co. travel the world, facing demons and working together to secure the scrolls and restore balance to the world.

For a chance to win a merchandise pack from The New Legends of Monkey take a minute to watch the trailer and answer the question below, follow us on our food Instagram here and send your answer to together with your full name, address, mobile number and Instagram handle by Sunday 30th August 2020 at 11.59pm. We will cross check your name in the list of Instagram followers.

What colour is Monkey’s headband?

a) Gold
b) Silver
c) Purple

A second entry will be allowed if you subscribe to our mailing list here.

Terms & conditions:

  • Closing date is Sunday 30th August 2020 at 11.59pm.
  • This promotion is open to UK residents only.
  • The prize is 2 x merchandise pack from The New Legends of Monkey.
  • Two winners will be chosen and contacted on Wednesday 2nd September 2020 at 11.00am.
  • The editor’s decision is final and binding on the entrants. No correspondence will be entered into.
  • Your name, address and mobile number will be used exclusively in connection with the competition according to our privacy policy.

The New Legends Of Monkey Season 2 Coming On Netflix’s Check Reviews And Star Cast

The New Legends Of Monkey Season 2 how to clot over the hearts of the people living throughout the world, moreover the series is going to bring forward the same faces who have been brought forward in the last season 1. Fans and the lunatic watchers of this animated series are giving their significant attention to it if it comes to that it will hit the nail on the head when it will be watched by the people bit by bit. As you all know that the animated series will be brought only on Netflix which is a vast streaming platform.

The New Legends Of Monkey is an Australian/ New Zealand series which has back with its new instalment titled The New Legends Of Monkey Season 2. As we have already told everyone that the series will bring forward the same faces who have been adduced in the last season, moreover the same story will be seen continuing in this new instalment.

The New Legends Monkey King Season 2

It is fantabulous for the makers of this animated series that the series is getting significant attention than other animated series. Hop it will hit the nail on the head throughout the world. According to the reports it is being said that the series has launched its first season on 27 April 2018 that too on Netflix.

The first season of this Animation series brought forward the 10 episodes if it comes to that it is being expected that the new season which is being watched still adduce 10 seasons on the Netflix. Lovers and the lunatic watchers of this animated franchise are watching it on Netflix. Friends you all are being informed again that you can download Netflix in your PC and in your mobile phones which will make this series easily watchable.

The New Legends Of Monkey Season 2 has been released on 7th August 2020. And it has made mad to its all fans by presenting its top-notch starting. The action fictional series has been directed by the one and only Gerard Johnston if it comes to that it is starring Chai Hansen, Luciane Buchanan, Josh Thomson, Emilie Cocquerel.

The top-notch fiction series story has been written by Jacquelin Perske, Craig Irvin, Samantha Strauss. This is an action fictional comedy-drama which will also bring forward some adventurous scenes. The new series will adduce a young monk who is escorted by the group of God. It is also to be noted that Chai Hansen will be seen while essaying the lead role of Monkey.

The fictional comedy adventurous series has been produced by the one and only Rachael Gardner and Robin Scholes. Do watch the Season 2 of The New Legends Of Monkey only on the Netflix like in the same way if it comes to that stay associated with this channel for being updated daily through the written updates sending by us. You can also subscribe to this channel for attaining the latest and fresh updates first from all.

Stay tuned here!


Open source tool Infection Monkey allows security pros to test their network like never before

Guardicore unveiled new capabilities for Infection Monkey, its free, open source breach and attack simulation (BAS) tool that maps to the MITRE ATT&CK knowledge base and tests network adherence to the Forrester Zero Trust framework.

Infection Monkey open source

Infection Monkey is a self-propagating testing tool that hundreds of information technology teams from across the world use to test network adherence to the zero trust framework, and find weaknesses in their on-premises and cloud-based data centers.

Over the past four years, Infection Monkey has gained significant momentum and popularity amongst the cybersecurity community. With more than 3,200 stars on Github, Infection Monkey is trusted by large enterprises, educational institutions, and more, and has garnered praise from distinguished industry analysts such as Dr. Chase Cunningham, principal analyst at Forrester.

“In cyberspace and in cyber warfare exploitation, attacks succeed because they locate and leverage the weak points in systems and networks. In order to defend from this type of attack cycle, it is necessary to continually test the system for those likely weak points. But this can be difficult, especially when dealing with large infrastructures that are bridged between cloud, non-cloud, on premises, off premises, and a wide variety of other potential configurations. Infection Monkey is one of the most well-aligned tools that fits this need. I’m a huge fan.” – from Chase Cunningham’s Cyber Warfare – Trust, Tactics, and Strategies.

Expanded MITRE ATT&CK techniques and reporting

Cybersecurity experts and enterprise DevSecOps teams continue to rely on the MITRE-developed ATT&CK framework as the foundation for network security tests and assessments.

Infection Monkey 1.9.0 now offers a total of 32 MITRE ATT&CK techniques available for testing. These new attack techniques enable cybersecurity professionals to exhaustively test their network like never before while also empowering them to easily communicate steps towards actionable remediation with all relevant stakeholders, from IT to the C-suite.

Improved Usability

As the cybersecurity skills gap continues to widen and IT teams find themselves short-staffed, Infection Monkey 1.9.0 received several interface improvements that ensure the tool can be easily implemented – and most importantly valuable – with no additional staff or education.

Infection Monkey’s user interface has been significantly upgraded for configuration, making it easier than ever to set up a variety of different test scenarios on the network. In addition, Infection Monkey 1.9.0 now runs more stealthily to avoid interruptions in attack simulations, and improve coverage rates.

Secure by default

Guardicore is committed to ensuring that Infection Monkey offers the highest standards of quality and safety as a tool. Deployed in enterprise production data centers and cloud deployments, delivering a secure and stable tool is a top priority.

Therefore, Infection Monkey 1.9.0 now requires a secure login by default and has also been verified as secure by, a security firm that continuously scans for vulnerabilities in software dependencies. Users can be confident that the tool is safe and secure for deployment.

“Our mission with Infection Monkey is to equip cybersecurity professionals with a valuable open source tool that helps improve their security posture against cybercriminals,” said Shay Nehmad, Team Lead and Open Source Software Developer, Guardicore. “With this new version, we have made it easier than ever to use the tool’s sophisticated features.”


In Hubei, 9th golden monkey of year is born

A mother golden monkey named Xiaobei recently gave birth to a male, the ninth golden monkey baby to be born this year at the Dalongtan Golden Monkey Field Research Base of the Shennongjia National Park Research Institute in Hubei province.

The baby, named Scallop, was born on July 29.

As a national-level endangered species, the golden monkey is the flagship of Shennongjia biodiversity conservation.


Video of monkey napping prompts people to share funny stories

Most of you may have been in a situation where you dozed off only to suddenly wake up and realise that’s not a place where you want to fall asleep. This video of a monkey snoozing may remind you of that time in your life – it certainly did so for many Twitter users.

Shared on the micro-blogging site by IFS officer Sudha Ramen, the video is about 14 seconds long. It shows a monkey sitting beneath a tree napping. Towards the end of the clip, the animal suddenly jolts awake as if remembering that this is not the place where he should sleep.

“RT if you have done this and can relate to this video. Watch full screen till the end,” Ramen wrote and shared the video. Chances are you’ll relate to the sleepy demeanour of the animal. Beware though, the video may leave you with a craving for a quick nap.

Since being shared, the video has gathered over 4,600 views and tons of comments. It prompted people to share their stories involving unlikely places where they’ve taken a nap.

“I did this in 6th class in half yearly exam paper coz I played video game whole night,” wrote a Twitter user. “Happened with me once, in college during lecture but thankfully ma’am didn’t let the whole class know about it. She silently signalled my friend to wake me up and then smiled at me. I was like ‘did I really take a nap in class’, never happened earlier,” expressed another. “My school days study hours were like this,” recalled a third.

Here’s how others reacted:

There were several who simply shared laughing out loud emojis to express their reaction.

What do you think of the video?