Video of playful 2-month-old colobus monkey is too cute to handle

Is the video cute? Yes! Is the video interesting? Yes! Is there a chance that the video will make you smile? A big yes! Wondering what we’re talking about? It’s a video which showcases the playful antics of a two-month-old colobus monkey and it’s winning people over.

Shared on Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden’s official Facebook page, the video showcases a two months old monkey named Pheobe. Throughout the clip, the little one keeps on jumping and roaming around its enclosure. At one point it even jumps on the shoulder of an adult monkey.

Shared with the caption “Pheobe the 2-month-old colobus monkey is a hand-full these days”, it won’t be wrong to say that this 26-second-long clip makes for a delightful watch.

Since being shared about 22 hours ago, the video has already gathered over 73,000 views – and the numbers are only increasing. It has also collected more than 4,500 reactions and tons of comments. People were more than delighted to watch the video and they expressed the same in the comments section of the post.

“Such a cutie,” wrote a Facebook user. There were many who expressed the same notion and we can see why they think like that. Truth be told, the little monkey is absolutely adorable.

“So cute. Wants mom’s attention I think. Just like children do,” expressed another. “Naughty child, but absolutely sweet,” said a third. “Hilarious,” commented a fourth.

What do you think of the video?

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