Watch: Monkey Makes a ‘Face Mask’ and Walks around Wearing It in Hilarious Video

It seems that the new norm of wearing masks due to COVID-19 has made monkeys ponder upon the situation as well. In a rib tickling video going viral on social media, a monkey can be seen making a makeshift face mask from a piece of cloth lying on the road.

The video which has been shared by Indian Forest Official Susanta Nanda on Twitter, shows how the monkey picks up the cloth, wears it like a scarf covering its entire face and walks around with it.

Nanda captioned the 14-second video as, “After seeing head scarfs being used as face mask.”

As of now the clip has been viewed over 21 thousand times and has been liked by over two thousand 500 users.

Different users had different takes on the video. While most thought the video was funny, a person said the monkey’s style of wrapping the scarf was similar to that of veteran actor Mithun Chakraborty. He tweeted, “the way he/she swung that scarf; that was full Mithun Chakraborty.”

Another user who seemed to be familiar with the monkey’s location opined, “Looks like a monkey from ECR road… learned behavior over many years…”

Another person’s compared the monkey with an emoji. He tweeted, “this emoji walking in circles.”

Here are some other reactions for the primate’s ‘monkeying around’ video: